Ecological sandalwood… Part I

The organic and Fair Trade movements are wearing off… At least to the European public who is getting more and more confused with the so-many associations promoting organic and Fair trade products.and who do not seem to see where the 20% overprice on organic products is going.

While those associations – mostly European ones – are gradually removing vital essential oils from their list on the grounds of either endangered species or sensitising effects, one should also consider the possible endangering of the ‘mankind’ –

The question is: ‘would you say it is FAIR to affect the revenues of some of the poorest countries in the world’? Despite the philosophy and ethics behind most of those associations, one has to question their real intention when it seems that they are only interested in jumping on the current political and green bandwagon. I believe that it is time that we start doubting what is said to us and start making a move – ourselves – to really help those who need our changes of habits the most.

Let’s leave place to ECOLOGICALLY and BIOLOGICALLY grown products and let’s allow those countries – which do grow crops without any chemical fertiliser or else but who cannot afford going through the bureaucratic process imposed by political institutions – to be recognised as Organic or Fair Trade, to become part of the worldwide ‘green’ movement…


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