What’s the fuss about Syn-Ake!

The ecological Botox which costs £125!

Snake venom

Two years ago, I shared a finding which was supposed to revolutionise anti-ageing practices: an ecological face cream acting like Botox!  And now it is back in the cosmetics grapevine as a desperate attempt by some ‘celebrity’ cosmetics companies to pretend they have discovered  the ‘fountain of youth’.

Being a usually rather skeptical person when one talks about miracle cosmetics, I thought that I should try this one on my fine lines to see whether the results would match the claims of 50% wrinkles reduction and 80% smoother skin texture. It did work: the skin texture felt definitely smoother although I did not like the tingly feeling it was causing….

The cream is based on a recent discovery which won the Swiss technology awards in 2006: Syn-Ake®. SYN-AKE® is a new anti-wrinkle active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of waglerin 1, a peptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri.

A tripeptide contains 3 amino acids and a pentapeptide contains 5 amino acids. Generally, the more amino acids in the chain the more reactive the peptide is (Botox is a peptide with around 25 amino acids in the chain). However, the converse to this is that the smaller the molecule the quicker it is absorbed through the skin, and therefore it reaches the targeted site in the depths of the skin, and the quicker it starts working.

No snake is harmed to create this cream. Only the venom is extracted (in the same way as for a vaccine) and transformed in the cosmetic laboratory. Although it has been widely available for the last couple of years, in cream or oil version (with cosmetics companies preferring to call the oil version a ‘serum’), at prices between £6 (Aldi) to £38.99 (various brands), it is now being launched at Harrod’s, Harvey Nichols and the likes at £125 for 25 ml!! 

One cannot fail to notice that the price tag matches the number of celebrities endorsing it…

Is it worth trying? I’d say yes at least as a good moisturiser and skin protection screen but do not go and spend £125… Buy the Lacura wrinkle stop from Aldi and you will probably end up with the same results…


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