LES PARFUMS D’ISABELLE is published by Isabelle Gellé, a perfumer creating classic and authentic perfumes, inspired by her ancestors who were famous perfumers in the 19th to early 20th century and her many travels throughout the world. She also founded the first online Art of Perfumery school, delivering comprehensive course programs in Perfumery for vocational purposes to aspiring perfumers worldwide who do not hold a chemistry degree. 

Since February 2014, she holds the chair for the Perfume Foundation International Indian Ocean Islands and Southern Africa, striving to protect the heritage of perfumery and supporting the rehabilitation of aromatic plants.



  1. Hello, I am a Mumbai-based journalist and am looking to do a story on odd ball perfumes and India as the next big destination for perfumers. I would like to take a few inputs from you on the same.
    Please let me know if you would be available for comment.

  2. Hard to find a french creative perfumer, aromachology and wellness consultant. Beautiful site, that resonates the industry of fragrance. A great deal of knowledge offered on this site, always something of value to read.

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